What’s At The Core Of The 3 Star Michelin Venture



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What’s At The Core Of The 3 Star Michelin Venture

3 July 2021

The enduring quality of British Artisan producers in post -brexit and Covid times, are dressing the tables at the UK’s classiest Michelin star emporiums.  With an aura of uncertainty omnipresent; top restaurants don’t want to steer to far from home turf when it comes to their produce and are not being swayed to source their produce elsewhere.  Amidst uncertain trade deals, unclear tariffs; and rows over fishing territories, one such restaurant coveting the virtues of home grown land produce is the Core in Kensington.

Helped in part that this exciting venture that started in 2017 has achieved 3 stars from a woman that grew up on an Irish farm, it’s not surprising that regional sustainability is at it’s core.  It’s achieved nothing but success since owner Clare Smyth went solo after leaving her post of Head Chef at Ramsey’s Gordon Ramsey   The only female chef ( of few anyway) to have gained 3 Michelin stars, Clare’s passion for rural pairings have credited the Core with top tier status in the ultimate bible -the 2021 Michelin Guide.

In a climate of UK farmers frazzled over their meat being mistaken by imports from Australia; and equally unclear boundaries over fishing territories, Core’s ethos is firmly behind supporting British sustainabillity.  Whilst the produce keeps its feet on familar terrain; the dishes can’t be more original and creative.  Like works of of art; these are layers and crafted textures; which like painting compositions have achieved a fine edge and polished finish.

The detail, presentation, curated pairings, and the entire packaging of this outfit leaves more to the imagination than merely a meal out.   In a field of fierce competition, Clare Symth stands out from the rest; which was why she was chosen to host the wedding ceremony of the decade for Harry and Meghan.

Braised lamb served inside an entire carrot is a masterpiece of simple complexity.  In my years of trying out innovative restaurants, nothing could beat the fresh sea taste of the Scottish langoustine, delicately scented with wasabi pea, rose geranium and almond, as subtle sweet scents to the juiciest lobes of lobster.  These looked too pretty to eat initially, but were a delicate accompaniment.

The 7 course tasting menu is priced at £145 and something of a special occasion sprint.   Expect the likes of jellied eel, and cod roe with caviar.   The dishes have been constructed carefully and appeal to a fine palate; with taste in abundance not taking second fiddle to artistic presentation.  The choices in the  grazing menus have more than enough different taste sensations to take the tastebuds through an elevated journey.

Clare Symth at Core is located at:
192 Kensington Park Road, W11

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