Bypass The Queue For A Chef’s Table Seat At The Araki



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Bypass The Queue For A Chef’s Table Seat At The Araki

10 November 2017

For some it helps to know there is a prix fixe and The Araki does just that.  You know that the menu is £310 per head per sitting and that’s what it starts at.

The privilege of being part of an ageing dynasty is the idea translated by twice received Michelin star chef Mr Araki.  The long lineage and heritage attributed to Edomai sushi; dating back to 1900 is given an even more gilded edge to the tradition at The Araki.

No-one feels less privileged here as every seat is a chef’s table.  Table watching is not going to be a thing of the past, though, just because everyone is of equal standing and receive their own personally catered to chef’s table.  There is another thing too, due to the flourishing Sushi status London attracts – getting a table here is as difficult as getting a two day return flight to Tokyo on British Airways sleeper class.

You will have to do a lot more here than make sure the barman has extra cash so you get served, to get a table.  You have to be connected and you have to have the style factor; as well as the cards to carry it.  With the token flat fee of £310, and kindly so, inclusive of Vat but minus beverages, Mr Araki serves you himelf personally.  A true testimony to the popularity of the celebrity chef, that has got queues of Americans, Arabs and Japanese all vying for their seat at this repeat two Michelin star this year.

It seems that Mr Araki’s new phenomenon of every seat being a chef’s table means that getting to the top of the waiting list, however, could prove difficult – since there are only 9 tables to each sitting.

The Araki is at
12 New Burlington Street,

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